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“Whether the job be in the commercial or residential sector I maintain architectural practice is about making the client look good, function smoothly and realize their maximum real estate potential”
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At TFD we systematically assemble and organize your needs into a master plan. We observe your priorities so that the best solution becomes clear. Taking applicable trends and practical constraints into account we blend in the things that are meaningful to you, to achieve your individual style.

We found this to be a fail-safe process and it’s what we love doing.
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Tony Fragar architected buildings are inspired by the setting as well as the client’s wants, needs and aspirations. We combine these with all other constraints to achieve the best stylistic and practical outcome for the individual. The result is an extension of you the owner and occupant - a place where you belong.


How do you imagine yourself in your built environment? How do you want your place to be? Slick? Functional? Spacious? Comfortable? Streamlined? Eclectic? Tell us everything you’ve been thinking about. Consider your keywords and add them to your wish list - your ‘Design Brief’. It’s our starting point.
Adding value and quality of life is what it’s all about. But knowing whether to re-allocate space, add-on, alter, knockdown, go-up, open-out, open-up, restore, make over. ……. the possibilities for any property can be overwhelming. So that you achieve the best outcome for you and your space, we help you weigh up all your pros and cons.


A tailored concept plan is the next logical step – ensuring that the design is starting out completely on track.

A bespoke, developed and detailed set of plans will follow - with every facet of your brief factored in. The upshot is that all your requirements are incorporated into the built result. In short the building will work for you -enabling you to look and feel great by being at your productive best.
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