My career.

My early career was dominated by hands-on creating and renovating – recorded as an architectural journalist for home making and design magazines such as Belle, Metropolitan Home and as Architectural Editor for Better Homes and Gardens. Becoming Australia’s first practically based renovating design writer and on-camera presenter for Better Homes & Gardens TV, gave me a broad spectrum experience in ‘on the ground’ home problem solving.

Working alongside long-time friends and fellow architectural graduates Rob Weir and James Phillips, my own practice has for the last 25 years been able to draw on an extensive range of colleague based resources and expertise - from high-end to heritage.

my promise.

To consider budget, real estate opportunities and best design practice to present my clients with their most advantageous property development option. This best design solution will also be governed by you, the individual’s, personal aspirations.

Putting together our living or working environment is one of the biggest physical undertakings of our life-time. None of us do it very often and we don’t get another go at it in the short term. So we owe it to ourselves to get the master plan right ….. before anyone even looks sideways at a hammer.
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At TFD we see our job as facilitating the client’s existence. This means working with the client on their priorities – what should take precedence - what will make them happy. We understand that good design incorporates every aspect of building performance from energy efficiency to spatial flow and optimisation. The buildings we inhabit establish our way of life and are at the core of our being.
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